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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Salt in Life - Side Effects Of Ingesting Too Much Salt.

If there is a salt,  there is a taste in life but if the consumption of salt is more than required, we will be  more prone to diseases in life. Every Indian, consume more salt from the standardized value of salt for healthy life, report said 'tiffin system increase the use of salt. 

We know the side effects of salt consumption in excess, still we are not reducing the consumption of salt. Why? we will discuss about it further.

In different states of India, salt consumption is also variable such as in urban estates of Uttar Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Punjab, Maharashtra and Gujarat, the consumption of salt is minimum. In these states 6 to 7 gram of salt per individual is consume as per report. Maximum consumption of salt is in Tripura i.e. 13.14 gram salt per individual per day. According to World Health Organisation (W.H.O.),each individual must consume 5 gram salt per day. Out of 187 countries , 181 countries does not follow the standardization given by WHO. It is interesting to know that out of 10 Indians, 9 Indians knows the side effect of more consumption of salt. In Indian food, 90% salt is mixed in food during cooking or after cooking or it is sprinkle on the food to increase it's taste.

According to the report, India is the Third largest salt producer country (approximately 27 million tonnes) after China and America.

According to TATA Chemical (P) Ltd. the consumption of salt in household activities like cooking, pickling is 59 tonnes but for commercialize purpose it is 107 tonnes .

Gujarat is the largest salt producing state in India. It is producing 76% of total production of salt. After it, Tamil Nadu (12%)and Rajasthan (8%)are also producer of salt.

It is also observed that table salt has high sodium ions concentration than oceanic and Himalayan salt.
If we consume more salt than recommended then the risk to cardiovascular disease would increase. If we take high level of salt leads to blood vessel constriction, due to which blood pressure increases. 

This is a major cause of hypertension and cardiovascular disease. People who eat high sodium and low potassium ion concentration diet are dying to myocardial infraction or heart attack.

Consumption of too much salt along with other disorders or dietary factor may cause many threatening disorder which might cause stomach cancer, kidney stones and osteoporosis. It may harm our internal lining of our stomach and degrade our mucous epithelium which is more susceptible to Bacterial infection like Helicobacter pylori. This bacteria causes duodenal ulcer and chronic stomach tumor may lead to Cancer.

If we would try to decrease  one percent salt in our daily diet, the risk factor of heart attack is decreased by 4.8%. So, this is in your hand How to manage yourself to maintain our healthy lifestyle.

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