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Sunday, February 5, 2017

What's next for Ronda Rousey?

After a 48-second knockout from Amanda Nunes, is Ronda Rousey done with her UFC career? UFC President Dana White said he thinks she’s “probably done,” so what is next for the 29-year-old?
She’s got a budding acting resume and a deal with Reebok, plus an autobiography that’s being made into a film.
Former UFC fighter Frank Shamrock said Rousey has become a full-blown celeb.
"For better or worse she has become a Hollywood star and they never return to the octagon,” he told Fox News. “She is a pioneer and she earned it. Let's wish her well”
And Marc Marcuse, of Reel Management, said Rousey is on the right track now with her current endorsement and film deals.

“Ronda is making all the right moves so far with the deals she has in place… She has a good chance [of making it as a celebrity] if she models things off The Rock’s path. Remember, he was demographically confined to wrestling fans but his film appearances made him the number one paid actor... Ronda can do the same if she makes smart moves and broadens her appeal outside of the UFC,” Marcuse suggested.
Celebrity-watcher Cate Meighan said Rousey is already well on her way to becoming a star outside of the ring.
“It looks as though she already started doing other things and branching out so that a transition to marketable celeb wouldn't feel quite so abrupt,” she said. “The only thing really in question was the timing, and my guess is that the end of Ronda's UFC [career] may have come a bit sooner than she was hoping for.”
Kate Delaney, author and broadcaster, thinks Rousey should quit before she faces another defeat.
“The endorsements are still washing over her like a tsunami, why risk another beat down? Three losses in a row would be a disaster.”

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