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Thursday, February 16, 2017


Not so long ago, the pruning of pit hair was reserved for women and professional swimmers, but the rise and rise of manscaping has changed all that. Not content with smooth shoulders, pecs and backs, more men than ever are removing their pit hair too. And with the likes of Frank Lampard being papped with waxed pits and David Beckham and Nick Youngquest (pictured) sporting hair-free underarms for global ad campaigns, the depilated armpit has never been more de rigueur.

“Fuzz-free armpits might be particularly popular with sportsmen, but they have advantages for all men, as they generally feel cooler, fresher and cleaner,” says Andy Rouillard from Axiom Bodyworks Men's Grooming & Wax Academy. Not only will removing the hair help reduce body odour, your antiperspirant will finally be able to make contact with the skin, where it can go to work reducing wetness, rather than being lost in a jungle of pit hair.
The cheapest and simplest way to remove the hair is to shave it off with your razor (trim the hair back as far as you can first to make things easier) or by using a body hair trimmer, but a much better solution is waxing. Eye-watering as it may be, the results will last much longer (up to eight weeks in many cases) and you won’t get the same kind of itchy regrowth shaving all but guarantees. “What’s more, the regrowth is finer for some guys so they don’t feel as hairy as before and they stay fresher and feel cleaner for longer,” says Sarah Louise O’Looney, who teaches beauty therapists how to wax.

A professional wax is certainly the easiest solution, especially if you’re a manscaping rookie, but you can do it at home too, using some wax strips and a generous dose of courage. “The first thing to do is trim your pit hair down so it’s easier to wax, but don’t go any shorter than about the length of a grain of rice,” says Rouillard. “This will make things easier and a hundred times more comfortable.”
Start by washing your pits to remove all traces of perspiration and deodorant and apply a little talc if you’re sweating (wax needs a dry surface to adhere to).
Though Hot Wax treatments are a little kinder to underarm hair, pre-prepared wax strips tend to be easier for novices. To use these you simply warm them between your palms, apply to stretched skin (place your arm behind your head to do this), press the strip down following the direction of hair growth and then whip it off against the direction of growth. Cutting larger wax strips into smaller sections and doing a patch an inch square at a time will make the process less painful. “Immediately tapping or pressing the skin with your fingertips will help take away the sting,” says Rouillard.

When you’ve finished, simply splash with cold water to calm things down. “You should probably take a break from sport for a day or two until the skin has completely recovered, and you need to avoid using deodorant or wearing tight clothing straight afterwards, too,” says Rouillard.

It may seem like a palaver, but the result won’t just be pits that look great but ones that are as fresh as a daisy as well – and that’s definitely something not to be sniffed at, right? 

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