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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Rewire Your Brain for New Healthy Habits

You want a healthier lifestyle, but creating new habits the usual way is hard. Rewire your brain instead. It works better than willpower or motivation. Throughout this website we stress the importance of adopting a brain-healthy lifestyle. You may have the best intentions to take that advice.
Maybe you’re trying to implement the lifestyle changes you know you should, but are struggling.

If you’re like most people, you’ve tried to change, but you find it really, really hard (as in impossible). You’ve made the resolutions and set the goals. When you’ve failed, you’ve tried even harder, but making changes stick still eludes you.

Let’s take a look at why the usual ways of making lifestyle changes often fail. Then I’ll give you some simple, easy but counter intuitive tips that will help you create new, healthy habits by rewiring your brain.

Change the Usual Way Is Hard
Most people rely exclusively on motivation and willpower to make a change. There are some surprising reasons this doesn’t work too well.

When you decide to start a new diet, exercise program, or any self-improvement venture, you are usually psyched!

You just know this time you’re going to stick with it. You’re excited about the new gym you joined or a new diet book you’ve read, and your motivation is high. Initially you’re motivated by the pleasure of what you want (getting into your skinny jeans, wearing a bathing suit this summer) or the pain of what you don’t want (hating the way you look, having a heart attack)

When motivation starts to wane, you fall back on willpower.
But no one has an endless supply of willpower.
It is a resource that gets used up. 
When your day is filled with things you really don’t want to do, by the end of the day your reserve of willpower is gone.

Be Prepared
If you are going to start a new habit, you need to be prepared.
A successful walking habit means more than putting one foot in front of the other.
Initially, you have a few decisions to make.
Where are you going to walk?
What time do you want to leave?
Are you going to walk alone, with a friend, or bring your dog?
Should you bring water?
Next, get the right equipment to ensure your success.

Make It Convenient
Put everything you need to take a walk in one convenient place so you can grab your stuff and go.
If your shoes are in the linen closet, your socks are in the bedroom, your house key is in your desk drawer, and your water bottle is in the car, you’ll give up before you get out the door!

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