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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Top 7 Fittest Hollywood Actors 2017

Daniel Craig, 47

  • “I needed to get as fit as I possibly could [for Quantum of Solace],” Craig told the British press at the time about his James Bond workout. “Although I was big and muscled last time [for Casino Royale], I was actually not as fit as I am now.”
  • For his James Bond role Daniel Craig gave up smoking.
  • He was allowed to drink, but only on Friday nights and Saturdays.
  • He ate 5-6 times a day, cut out carbs in the afternoon and evenings, ate lots of vegetables and fruits, and concentrated on eating high quality protein (fish, eggs, chicken, protein shakes, etc.)
  • According to Men’s Health, Daniel would do weight training Monday through Friday, and then some light cardio and stretching on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Has said: “Look, I’ve got to look like I can kill somebody. If I take my shirt off, it’s not, ‘Oh, nice body.’ It’s got to be, ‘Oh, fucking hell, he could do somebody.’

Christian Bale, 41

  • Surfs
  • Skarboards
  • He went from a role in The Machinist where he had to drop from 180 pounds to about 120 pounds. Then he bulked back up to 220 pounds for his role as Batman.
  • To add muscle after depleting himself physically for The Machinist, Bale had to kick-start his metabolism, which had been destroyed after starving himself. He used intense weight workouts, resistance weight training and plyometric circuit training, adding in martial arts training and lots of sprints, lunges, squats, chin-ups and high pulls.
  • For his role as Batman, he partakes in many action scenes which Bale to be not only buff and look lean for the casual topless scenes but also be a better athlete to make the actions sequences more credible. He had to maximize the use of his speed and agility, components of fitness usually only associated with elite athletes.
  • An avid runner, Bale openly admits to his running being the best cure for a hangover.
  • First and foremost, the diet has to be on the ball. Getting in the meals every 2-3 hours is a must for any superhero in the making, and as we have seen in the past, Bale is not shy when it comes to the physical demands of preparing for a role.
  • Christian Bale has said: “All of the muscles were gone, so that was a real tough time of rebuilding all of that. But you have a deadline, you have an obligation. You’ve said that you will commit to this part, and I just can’t live with myself for not really giving it as much as I can.”
  • Has also said: Working out is incredibly boring. I swear it’s true that the bigger your muscles get, the fewer brain cells you have.” Nonetheless, he works out all the time and is among the best paid actors in Hollywood.

Chris Pine, 35

  • Pine does two opposite but mutually strengthening activities, yoga and boxing. This ensures he always stays close to his fighting weight.
  • Chris Pine’s latest workout involved a lot more outdoor cardiovascular exercise, namely jogging and hiking. This kind of cardio is a great way to challenge your variable heart capacity and burn a ton of calories and fat.
  • “I work out because that’s my job. What I enjoy about it, beyond the vanity, is the Zen of it. I like getting out of my head: One great way is to sweat your face off. I appreciate that if you’re thinking of anything else, you’re not working intensely enough.”
  • Has said for the last Star Trek he wanted to be a bit bigger and chunkier. He ate al lot and worked out religiously.
  • Combined yoga, boxing, circuit training, and weight lifting.

Mark Wahlberg, 44

  • Training for the movie Pain & Gain, Mark Wahlberg said he went back to his old-school movie workouts. But, he did less cardio, and ate more.
  • Wahlberg had just under 2 months to prepare for his role in Pain & Gain. Wahlberg says about the experience: “I was 165 pounds for my last movie, but I had to walk on the set at 205. So that’s 40 pounds of muscle in 7 weeks. That’s a lot of physical preparation.”
  • He workouts 5 days a week and takes Wednesdays and Sundays off.
  • Mark Wahlberg admits that he makes most of his workouts up himself and relies on past supersets that did the job.
  • Mark often begins his workouts very early in the morning followed by a “growth nap” before doing some light cardio and abs in the afternoon.
  • During filming, he often has to do his workouts at 4am.
  • Has said he has gotten to where he can bench 335lbs.

Brad Pitt, 51

  • From being featured in movies like Fight Club and Troy, Brad Pitt knows a thing or two about staying fit and obtaining lean muscle mass.
  • Looking at Brad’s physique, it is obvious that he didn’t get that way eating burgers and fries. He stays away from dairy and fried foods, and processed foods like bleached white flour, soft drinks, pastries, and fruit juices.
  • His training routine consists of focusing on a different muscle group each day of the week and finishing off the week with cardio on rest days.
  • “I believe you make your day. You make your life. So much of it is all perception, and this is the form that I built for myself. I have to accept it and work within those compounds, and it’s up to me.”

Tom Cruise, 53

  • Tom Cruise works out everyday- even when he’s off, he’s either hiking, biking, flying planes, or riding a motorcycle.
  • “I train pretty hard,” Cruise admits. “For ‘The Last Samurai (2003),’ I spend a year training six hours a day, seven days a week tone able to handle a sword and do it on uneven terrain, because I didn’t want to blow my knees out.”
  • Cruise is known for doing a lot of his own stuntwork in his action films, which means he always has to maintain peak physical strength and endurance with functional muscle.
  • In addition to following a strict diet and lifting weights several hours a day, Tom also does cardio daily.

Bradley Cooper, 40

  • Bradley Cooper is definitely Hollywood A-list and known for being in great shape.
  • His top 5 fitness tips are: super-set exercises to failure, don’t cheat on your diet for at least 6 weeks while your body detox’s, drink protein shakes – but make sure they are quality, stay focused, and drink A LOT of water.
  • “Staying focused on your goal helps you through workouts and keeps you from cheating on your diet. Put a picture of what you want your body to look like in your kitchen. It’s a constant reminder where you need it most.”
  • Here is what Cooper says about detoxifying the body by eating right: “For at least six-week. It’s vital you allow your body to rid itself of toxins and keep your hormones at optimal levels. Sugar and processed food cause your body respond in a way that prevents proper muscle growth.”

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