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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Understand The 'How' And 'Why' Behind Our Motivation To Exercise: healthpedia4all

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This will get you a lot closer to realizing your health-related fitness potential. The motivation to exercise is also closely aligned with the motivation to lose weight.
You’ve probably seen this Site’s pages which deal mainly with the health-related benefits of exercise. But what other reasons could there possibly be as motivation to exercise?
Well, we realize that our self-esteem gets a boost when we look better, and that helps us with our confidence. But let’s explore for a moment why someone who has achieved a comprehensive body transformation feels like they can conquer the world. Perhaps we can then better understand why optimizing our muscular strength and getting lean present such massive advantages to us, and yes, you got it - how this understanding boosts our motivation to exercise.
Please note that what I am about to discuss about the advantages regarding good physical condition and attractiveness, should not be misconstrued as the ticket to lifelong health and happiness. I would not want anyone to think I was punting the importance of physical state over other factors like academic success, financial security, mental health, spiritual wellbeing and so on. all of these factors are extremely important.
But of all of them, reshaping your body and improving your health is probably the most doable – and often precedes spiritual wellbeing and vocational performance. So in a sense, you can also look at health and physical fitness as a precursor to stability and success in others areas of your life. Why not butter your bread on both sides?

Apart from the knowledge and reassurance that they possess sound health-related fitness, individuals with attractive lean hard bodies are brimming with confidence and know they have the power to influence, impress and have doors opened to them. How so? Unfortunately the ‘why’ is not so easy to explain as the ‘because’. It’s just that way.
The perceived beauty and importance of a strong, shapely or chiseled body goes back more than a few centuries - perhaps even to times when cavewomen sought strong, able men to protect them and provide sources of food and survival; and when men on the other hand looked for worthy and capable mother-figures to bear children and keep a home.
So much has been explored and documented on instinct and conscious behaviour and specifically what drives humans to respond positively to beauty. Whether the reasons postulated are supported by anthropological study, scientific research or evolutionary theories, or not, the bottom line is dead certain - humans respond positively to attractive physical appearances.
Yes, one can also argue that countless happy and successful individuals have lived their lives paying little due to the importance of being in good physical condition. They perhaps never even questioned the motivation to exercise, let alone why even bother to exercise. Many of these people may even argue that they have won over lovers and partners by sheer charm, seductiveness and by virtue of social position, and so play down the importance of their physical condition.
So maybe it’s optional to be aesthetically appealing, because you’re already successful in other areas of life. Not quite. Read on.
Whether responding to physical appearances is a cognitive or learned behaviour, socially or culturally motivated, let’s be completely frank for just one minute. Would there be any sense in betting on how few of these people mentioned above ‘actually’ never thought about being in good shape? I very much doubt it.
Even if you’ve got all the non-health and physical wellness issues in your life covered, wouldn’t it nonetheless be great to have the chiseled body and lean stomach trump card, and leave as little as possible to chance since you may not always be lucky in those other areas? I and many others who have transformed themselves agree.
And what about people who are naturally in short supply of charm, wit and higher-learning? It may be difficult or even impossible for them to change these aspects or drawbacks about themselves, but they can definitely address their health-fitness state. Either way, the motivation to exercise still applies.
And what does life have in store for those folks in average health who chose to neglect their physical condition and let themselves go? Unfortunately, reality becomes tough for most of these unhealthy people who succumb to soft round bodies and large bellies.
Not only do they begin to have difficulties with their self-image, but society invariably sees them as unappealing, lazy and unmotivated. Furthermore, their opportunities in general day-to-day living, careers and love life, or being accepted by society become rather compromised. And again, aside from their stature, let’s not forget the risks of ill-health they potentially face.
So, enough said. Aside from your neglected health and fitness condition, life may seem great. But don’t be fooled, and don’t rest on your academic or financial laurels.
Anyway one looks at it, muscular strength and a toned body are hallmarks of a strong presence and an appealing figure or physique, and vital keys to all-round success in life.
Even if you are the proverbial financial whizz with a gorgeous life-partner at your side, parent to healthy lively kids and own a plush home - I’ll bet you would still find the idea of having a great figure or physique with a flat abdomen (if you don’t already possess one) of great potential value to you, and therefore highly desirable. Surely that’s more than enough motivation to exercise.
How can I be so sure of this!? I speak from personal experience. I have ‘been there and done it’, and yes, ‘I have the t-shirt’. After reading this you should be on your way to appreciating the importance of health related fitness and be rearing to jump right in. Let’s go!

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