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Friday, May 24, 2013

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Eat Healthy.

1.  To avoid obesity.

2.  You will save money in the long run.
3.  Your family wants you to be around for a while longer.
4.  You may need to work during retirement, and you can't if you are sick.
5.  Future health care premiums may be set based upon your state of health.
6.  Garbage in, garbage out. Who likes to look and feel lousy?
7.  It will help make your immune system stronger and keep cancer at bay.
8.  You set a positive example for those that look up to you.
9.  A healthier you helps your country's economy.
10. You don't want to die young. You're not ready.

The number one cause of death is cardiovascular disease. In the past 20 years, the world obesity rate has tripled. Billions of dollars are spent every year treating preventable diseases. There are more overweight people in the world today than malnourished.

3 Healthy Eating Principles

1. Eat what was intended to be food

    a. Genesis 1:29 - seed bearing plants and fruit
    b. Genesis 9:3  - you can eat everything that moves but...
   c. Leviticus 11 - eat animals whose body separates out harmful toxins so you don't consume them. An animal that chews the cud does this, but animals who don't are scavengers whose flesh absorbs the toxins they consume and if you eat them, you are eating large amounts of toxins. Pigs are one such animal.

2. Eat food as it was created

    a. eat more raw or lightly cooked vegetables
    b. watch out for additives, preservatives and pesticides
    c. don't eat processed fast food
    d. eat organic or grow your own

3. Don't let food become an idol. Don't make your stomach your god.

    a. food can often control your emotions
    b. caffeinated beverages are the #2 addiction
    c. fast food is the #1 addiction
    d. drink more water

Live a more active lifestyle.

1.  Move more - sit less - have fun!  Find some activity you enjoy that causes you to move and do it often. (tennis, skiing, roller skating, walking, ping pong, something!)

2.  Realize that the couch and TV are not your friends.
3.  Rethink tasks. Walk and talk to someone rather than using email/phone.
4. Give your body workouts variety. Introduce muscle confusion into your exercise routine.
5.  Get plenty of rest.
6. Eat more fiber. Keep things moving in your body. Prunes are the number one cancer fighting food!

7. Supplement your diet with natural nutritional supplements like those from Shaklee.

Know that results take time. It took years for you to get into a poor state of health, it will take time to reverse the damage done and build up your health.

Lifestyle + accountability = success

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