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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Know Why a Job Overload Can Cause Stress

With the tough competition when it comes to work, most people are trying to give their best. Hard work can allow you to get a job and keep it. Most people want to have a stable job and a stable flow of income so that they can be secured financially. That is why most often, people work themselves out in order to impress their bosses and keep their job. Although working hard is a good thing, over working can cause a lot of problems for you.
There are a lot of ways why a job overload can cause stress. Here are some reasons why:
1. Unrealistic demands from your superiors – There are times when you are asked to do something with a deadline that you just can’t find rational. You may also have experienced being assigned a task that needs to be done, but you know nothing about. This can cause you to feel stressed and in a rush.
2. Dealing with a lot of information that you just can’t get in your head – When your work involves researching, writing, etc. you will find yourself trying to handle different kinds of information. Sometimes, everything won’t fit inside your head. This can place a lot of mental pressure on you, causing you to worry that you may not be able to finish and handle your job.
3. Undergoing changes in the workplace or changing jobs – Changes in the workplace or having a new job can definitely put a lot of stress on you. You will need to adjust to the changes, the new environment or even new people. Adjusting alone will need effort from your part at the start. You will constant pressure as you try to learn the things that you need to, in order to get your job done.
4. Unreliable equipment and co-workers – Not all companies have the state of the art equipment that you can use. There are companies which have slower computers and internet connections, defective machines, etc. This can make working quite a challenge. Sometimes, you’ll meet annoying co-workers who will get on your nerve and add to the stress that you experience while in the work place.
When you are experiencing too much stress from the workplace, you will suffer from certain conditions which can disrupt your daily routine and working capabilities. People who are stressed out often find themselves unable to concentrate and have a decreased attention span. Other symptom of being over stressed is difficulty in sleeping. Since you’re worrying about a lot of things, your brain may find it difficult to go to sleep. This can result to getting easily tired while at work.
Stress can also affect your social skills and the way you deal with people. This can be quite troublesome, especially if your work involves dealing with a lot of people. You can easily get agitated and may not be able to relate well with others. Aside from that, stress has other physiologic manifestations like headache, upset stomach, chest pain and constipation.
Being exposed to constant stress can be quite annoying. However, there are several ways that you can combat stress. You can do it with regular exercise, proper food intake, massage, communicating with other people and giving yourself a break. You should try to lower your stress levels and pamper yourself once in a while to avoid suffering illnesses and other stress-related conditions.

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