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Friday, May 24, 2013

Don't waste food

It’s estimated that Americans throw away over 40 percent of the food grown and produced in the U.S.
My wife is from Russia and she is used to buying food at government subsidized prices, so has been trained since a child to throw over 65% of her food away.
This for some reason really bothers me, and my conservative approach to things, I have just always felt you should not waste stuff just because you can, and this goes for food too.  I always take what I can eat and then eat what I take. It seems pretty simple to me.
But my wife looks at it differently, if she wants one banana then she will usually take 3, sometimes 4.  I have seen her want to warm up a cup of milk, so she will pour 2 cups into the pan, heat it then use half and throw the other half out.
After seeing so much food being throw out I just couldn’t take it any longer and I bought a blender.  I forgot to mention when she is at the store and wants a banana she will buy 8 or 12 of them.  If they get any brown spots on them, which sometimes happens before any of them are eaten, then she buys 8 or 12 new banana and throws the old ones out.
Armed with my new blender I now take the old bananas and blend them with other fruit and make a fruit drink for my lunch.  Not only is it a very healthy meal, it’s also free, since all the food I am eating would be going straight into the trash.
I can usually eat 2 bananas and some other fruit everyday this way, if the bananas start backing up and my 2 a day can’t keep up with the supply of unwanted food, then just as they turn sold black I peel them and put them in the freezer. That way they will keep for months, and eventually I will get caught up.
It is pretty surprising how old and rotten a banana can get and still taste fine when you blend it with some other stuff. You do want to get them before they turn mostly liquid, this has happened a few times, and then it’s really too late to eat them.  So just make sure to get them in the freezer before they hit that state.


Strawberries are amazing, because they have a pretty strong taste that can really over power a lot of things.  One is sour milk, we had a half gallon of milk that went sour and it was pretty sour too, it had made it to the point where there were lumps in it, and it really smelled bad.
I know sour milk is not harmful to drink, it just tastes bad, so I put in my old bananas the sour lumpy milk and some strawberries, and I decided I was going to drink it no matter what it tasted like.  To my surprise I found out that a dozen strawberries will completely remove the bad taste of sour milk. It really did not taste sour at all, I had trouble telling the difference between fresh milk and the sour lumpy milk I used.
So now I don’t throw away old milk either, I just buy some strawberries and drink it the next day.


Apples are interesting because they have almost no taste when you blend them, they don’t help anything, and they don’t hurt anything, if you can get them on sale by the bag they are pretty cheap a lot of the time and great when you don’t have enough other fruit to use but you don’t want anything that will change the taste of what you already have.
If you put in small amounts you can get rid of almost any fruit or vegetable that is getting old, I have used avocado, peaches, pears, and tomatoes to name a few.  The trick is you want to start with something you like the taste of then you can throw in a third of an avocado and you won’t really notice it at all.


Nuts are good and they are good for you, so they work really well.  You want to run the blender a little longer to make sure you only end up with really small pieces that are easy to drink.

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