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Sunday, November 5, 2017

What are the Symptoms, Causes and Prevention of Malaria?

By On November 05, 2017

If there is redness in your urine, high fever and chill, vomiting and flu like illness……be careful! This is may be Malaria, a disease man has been fighting since many years. Plasmodium, tiny protozoon is responsible for this disease. Different species of Plasmodium (P. Vivax, P. Malaria and P. Falciparum) are responsible for different type of Malaria. But malignant Malaria caused by plasmodium falciparum is the most serious one and can even be fatal.


Initial Effect: How Malarial Parasite Enter In Our Body?

Plasmodium enters in human body as sporozoites (infectious form) through the bite of infected Female Anopheles mosquitoes. The parasites initially multiply within the liver cells. These parasites of malaria undergo blood schizogony in which they attack on R.B.C. in liver. It feed upon haemoglobin off R.B.C. the globin part is digested by lysolecith and haem part convert into Hemozoin granules. Our R.B.C. convert into amoeba like shape and called Amoeboid stage.

Hemozoin are insoluble iron containing toxic chemical form after rupturing of R.B.C. harmful for human body. The rapture of R.B.C. is associated with release of a toxic substance hemozoin which is responsible for the chill and high fever recurring every 3 to 4 days. During the infection both liver and spleen become black in colour due to deposition of hemozoin granules.

 After Entering Malarial Parasite into our body:

The species of malaria called M. falciparum is most serious and deadly malarial form. This species can certainly cause renal failure and brain fever which can block tiny blood vessels deep within organs. this process is called sequestration. When sequestration occur in brain, this is known as “Cerebral Malaria”.

It is observed that hemozoin when passed through our kidneys, it causes acute renal failures. Some patient may use pain killers to supress the pain which is most dangerous for them. In this process cells of nephrons get damage. The patient of Acute Tubular Necrosis(ATN) may even get recovery by getting proper treatment at early stage of infection. But if this necrosis goes on large scale, then the cells of tubular part of nephrons are totally damaged due to this the filtration of blood by kidneys do not occur lead to kidney failure. At this stage, recovery is almost nil and malfunctioning of kidneys can lead to the accumulation of urea in blood, a condition is called Uraemia. In such patients, urea can be removed by the process of Haemodialysis.  


1.Wear full sleeves cloths. Beware in morning and evening because this time is more active for    mosquito’s bites.

2. Avoid filling of water in open places. Use mosquito-fish like Gambusia which feeds on mosquito’s larva.

3. Take doctor advice or consultations if high and chill fever.

4. Take extract of basil leaves and black pepper. Lemon juice, apples and Dalia are also beneficial.

5. Use of household-level repellents like Good knight Activ+and Good knight Fastcard card will keep mosquitoes away.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Salt in Life - Side Effects Of Ingesting Too Much Salt.

By On September 30, 2017

If there is a salt,  there is a taste in life but if the consumption of salt is more than required, we will be  more prone to diseases in life. Every Indian, consume more salt from the standardized value of salt for healthy life, report said 'tiffin system increase the use of salt. 

We know the side effects of salt consumption in excess, still we are not reducing the consumption of salt. Why? we will discuss about it further.

In different states of India, salt consumption is also variable such as in urban estates of Uttar Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Punjab, Maharashtra and Gujarat, the consumption of salt is minimum. In these states 6 to 7 gram of salt per individual is consume as per report. Maximum consumption of salt is in Tripura i.e. 13.14 gram salt per individual per day. According to World Health Organisation (W.H.O.),each individual must consume 5 gram salt per day. Out of 187 countries , 181 countries does not follow the standardization given by WHO. It is interesting to know that out of 10 Indians, 9 Indians knows the side effect of more consumption of salt. In Indian food, 90% salt is mixed in food during cooking or after cooking or it is sprinkle on the food to increase it's taste.

According to the report, India is the Third largest salt producer country (approximately 27 million tonnes) after China and America.

According to TATA Chemical (P) Ltd. the consumption of salt in household activities like cooking, pickling is 59 tonnes but for commercialize purpose it is 107 tonnes .

Gujarat is the largest salt producing state in India. It is producing 76% of total production of salt. After it, Tamil Nadu (12%)and Rajasthan (8%)are also producer of salt.

It is also observed that table salt has high sodium ions concentration than oceanic and Himalayan salt.
If we consume more salt than recommended then the risk to cardiovascular disease would increase. If we take high level of salt leads to blood vessel constriction, due to which blood pressure increases. 

This is a major cause of hypertension and cardiovascular disease. People who eat high sodium and low potassium ion concentration diet are dying to myocardial infraction or heart attack.

Consumption of too much salt along with other disorders or dietary factor may cause many threatening disorder which might cause stomach cancer, kidney stones and osteoporosis. It may harm our internal lining of our stomach and degrade our mucous epithelium which is more susceptible to Bacterial infection like Helicobacter pylori. This bacteria causes duodenal ulcer and chronic stomach tumor may lead to Cancer.

If we would try to decrease  one percent salt in our daily diet, the risk factor of heart attack is decreased by 4.8%. So, this is in your hand How to manage yourself to maintain our healthy lifestyle.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Surprising Health Benefits Of Mango Shakes And Juices

By On April 14, 2017
Surprising Health Benefits of Mango Shakes and Juices

Weight gain: Mango shake is very useful in gaining weight owing to the presence of adequate quantity of super-molecule each in milk and mango. The thin folks will drink mango shake often throughout summer. a hundred and fifty grams of mango has regarding eighty six calories, and starch simply converts into sugar thereby helps in weight gain. this is often the foremost vital health advantages of mango shake. However, corpulent person ought to avoid drinking of mango shake.
Good for Anemia patient: The mango shake is that the most delicious shake and stuffed with vital nutrients like iron, super-molecule and carotin. it's smart for anemia patient and people have super-molecule deficiency. one in all the vital advantages of mango shakes is to extend red blood cells count within the body. Mango juice conjointly has vital quantity of iron. Regular drinking of 1 glass of mango juice is enough to produce necessary quantity of iron to the body. Mango juice is additionally useful for pregnant mother as way as iron content is concern. variety of studies have shown that iron content is helpful in reduction of muscle cramp, anxiety, stress and heart connected issues.
Good for Eyes: Mango contains fat-soluble vitamin, that is helpful for eyes and skin. The spare quantity of fat-soluble vitamin helps the eyes against waterlessness, nyctalopia along side facilitating smart eye sight.
Strengthen Bones: Milk, that is that the integral a part of mango shake, has calciferol and atomic number 20, helps in strengthening of bones.
Maintains blood pressure: Mango juice is made in metallic element and metallic element, that helps to stay pressure in restraint. metallic element assists the center and regulates pressure additionally as balance fluids in your body. Mango juice conjointly lowers pressure because of tinnginya fiber, cellulose and ascorbic acid. cellulose and ascorbic acid reduces the blood serum steroid alcohol levels, particularly the beta-lipoprotein
For Heart Health: Mango in mango shake has high quantity of cellulose, a dietary fiber and useful in lowering steroid alcohol from blood. cellulose is additionally useful in hindrance of glandular cancer.
Control Acidity: because of its basic in nature and presence of verdant fiber, mango shakes helps in hindrance of stomach upset, excess acidity, and contributes sleek functioning of the systema digestorium. The presence of hydroxy acid, malic acid and acid facilitate to take care of basic nature of the body. These acids area unit smart for the epithelial duct and enzymes gift within the milk shake breaks the super-molecule into easier type.
Beneficial in Maternity: Mango shakes area unit having vital health advantages throughout pregnancy because of presence of iron each in milk and mango. Iron is a very important mineral needed throughout maternity.
Prevents Cancer: a replacement analysis has shown that mango contains phyto-chemicals and antioxidants like quercetin, isoquercitin, astrgalin, fisetin, and acid, astragalin, methylgallat, fisetin, that helps the body against carcinoma, carcinoma, cancer and glandular cancer. cellulose gift in mango is additionally useful against cancer.
For higher Sex: each mango and milk contain enough quantity of E, that is nice for feeling and increase in drive.
For skin Glowing: Drinking of mango juice is nice in hindrance and management of skin disease, pimples, wrinkles, blemishes, black spots, etc. the appliance of mango pulp for 10 minutes followed by laundry it with H2O is helpful for honest complexion.
Diabetes Prevention: Mango juice has the flexibility to regulate sugar level by normalizing hormone levels. it's conjointly useful in combating high pressure and scaling down unhealthy steroid alcohol.
Improves Digestion: By dominant acidity and maintaining the magnitude relation of acid-alkaline, mango provides soothing effects to digestion. it's conjointly useful in easing chronic constipation.
Boosts Immunity: Mango juice has cheap proportion of ascorbic acid, vitamin A, and carotenoids. of these area unit useful in boosting your system.
Nutrition Facts: One cup of mango juice contains calories (128), supermolecule (<1 gm), sugar (0.8gm). it's conjointly loaded with ascorbic acid, A, B, E, & K. Minerals like metallic element (61gm), atomic number 20 (43 gm), metallic element (8 gm), element (5 gm), iron (0.9 gm), atomic number 34 (1 mcg), Na (13 gm). One cup of mango juice contains regarding hr of your daily demand of ascorbic acid and four-hundredth of daily demand of fat-soluble vitamin.

15 Wonder Benefits of Tulsi for Malaria Fever

By On April 14, 2017
Malaria is a mosquito borne disease, caused by a protozoan called Plasmodium. The symptoms of malaria fever are associated with chilling fever, tiredness, vomiting, headache and rashes. The symptoms of the disease are visible only after 10-15 days of biting the vector female anopheles that penetrates plasmodium into human blood. There are five species of Plasmodium, out of which P. falciparum is the most dangerous. Malaria is most common in tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world. There are modern medicines available to treat malaria but it can be cure and prevented naturally through Tulsi or Holy Basil.
  1. Tulsi & Black pepper for malaria: A hot decoction of Tulsi, black pepper and jaggery along with some lemon juice, is helpful in curing of malaria. It is advisable to take the decoction after every two or three hours. The paste turn pill of the mix of Tulsi (10gm) and black pepper (10gm) is effective for the management of malaria. One should to take 2 of these pills at the interval of 3 hours.
  2. Tulsi and bitter gourd for malaria: Grind the mix of Tulsi (10gm), black pepper (10gm), bitter gourd creeper (10gm) and pumpkin twigs (10gm). Make a small or pea size pill and take two such pills to control malarial fever. It is also effective to combat other types of fever. These pills can’t be stored for a long time. It should be stored in cool place for period of maximum two months.
  3. Tulsi and Neem for malaria: The extract derived from the leaves of Tulsi and Neem and drinking the same along with black pepper is helpful in curing of malaria.
  4. Tulsi and caretu for malaria: The mix of Tulsi (7 leaves), black pepper (4) and caretu twigs is helpful in relieving malarial fever.
  5. Tulsi and honey for fever: The mix of Tulsi (10gm), powder of black pepper (1gm) and honey (4gm) is effective to control malarial fever. The paste should be licked time to time.
  6. Tulsi root for malaria: The decoction of Tulsi root helps to lower the body temperature by increasing perspiration from the body.
  7. Tulsi Juice for malaria: The drinking of Tulsi juice (10ml) thrice a day is helpful in the prevention of malarial fever. The juice of Tulsi and ginger is also effective.
  8. Tulsi and nutmeg for fever:  Grind and form a mix of Tulsi (10gm), nutmeg (10gm), small pepper seeds (10gm), black pepper (10gm). Now, make small pills and kept the same in shade. Take one pill four times a day.
  9. Tulsi and Datura for malaria: The grounded paste of Tulsi (60gm), Mandar flowers (10gm), petal of Datura (10gm) and black pepper (10gm) when taken by making pill enable you to prevent from malarial attacks.
  10. Tulsi and gram for malaria: Make pea size pills from the paste of Tulsi leaves (10gm), gram powder (40gm), Katlee leaves (20gm) and black pepper (10gm). Take two pills before and after of feeling fevers. Whenever, there is a malarial scourge in the neighbourhood, it is wise to have such pills to prevent the spread of malaria.
  11. Tulsi and lemon:  The juice of Tulsi, Neem and lemon is quite beneficial in the management and control of malaria fever.
  12. Tulsi and Amaltas for malaria: The juice of Tulsi leaves (10gm) and Amaltas (10gm) is helpful in the control of fever.
  13. Tulsi as a mosquito repellent: The plant or juice of Tulsi spread the aromatic fragrances in the surroundings, which in turn helps to keep the mosquito away.
  14. Juice of Tulsi and ginger: The drinking of Tulsi and ginger juice is beneficial to increasing your appetite thereby helping in treating of cold, fever and other fever related infections.
  15. Tulsi tea for malaria: The person during malarial fever feels uneasiness, loss of appetite and other associated problems. But taking Tulsi leaves tea acts as a stimulant and makes you fresh and refresh and simultaneously helps in lowering your body temperature.

Best Multi Purpose Grooming Products For Men

By On April 14, 2017
Ever slumped onto the sofa after a long day at the office, followed by a post-work gym session (or pint – we’re not here to judge), only to check your watch and realise it’s already 10pm and you haven’t even eaten yet?
Yeah, us too, and it makes us wonder how we can claw a few of those precious minutes and hours back. One good way is to streamline your grooming regime.
No, we’re not talking about brushing your teeth on the toilet – rather about introducing some multipurpose grooming products, like these here. After all, why waste time and money with three bottles when you could just use one?

Anthony Invigorating Rush Hair + Body Wash

This little 2-in-1 beauty from purveyor of high-quality lotions and potions Anthony does exactly what it says on the bottle. Eucalyptus stimulates, Birch leaf refreshes and Canadian balsam soothes and conditions. The perfect blend of natural ingredients to wake you up in the morning, leaving hair and skin feeling clean and alive.

Molton Brown Black Pepper Sport 4-in-1 Body Wash

With a blend of cardamom, jasmine, cedar wood and Sichuan pepper, Molten Brown’s Re-Charge 4-in-1 is a seriously nice-smelling way to save some time (and pennies). Wash hair, face and body, all in one go, and as if that wasn’t enough, it can even be used as a shaving cream, too.

Sisley Paris Buff and Wash Facial Gel

They may only really feasible if you’re lucky enough to have a bit of surplus cash knocking about, but Sisley’s grooming products are the epitome of luxury. The French brand’s Buff and Wash gel contains natural plant extracts, essential oils and micro-particles – perfect for exfoliating and cleansing skin at the same time.

Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Skin Cream

If it’s good enough for the faces of Hollywood (and the butt cheeks of their babies), it’s probably good enough for us, too. Egyptian Magic takes multi-purpose to the next level. Dry skin? Chapped lips? More wrinkles than a hippo’s plums? No worries – just slap a bit of this stuff on and you’re good to go.

Morgan’s Classic Hair Darkening Pomade

The dreaded grey hairs come to us all whether we like it or not – well unless male pattern baldness gets us first. Morgan’s Pomade is the perfect solution to cover them up, while simultaneously conditioning and controlling your barnet. Throw in some sandalwood and coconut, and you’re onto a winner.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Ways to Grow Eyelashes Back after Falling Out

By On April 13, 2017
Losing your eyelashes is not a pleasant thing to deal with but, unfortunately, it can happen. In such situations, it is important not to despair and seek out medical advice. The medical professional will determine whether the eyelashes have fallen out because of a health problem or not. It is also possible to take individual measures, to stimulate the growth of the eyelashes after they have fallen out.

What are the causes of eyelash loss?
One of the reasons for such problems is represented by trichotillomania tangle, a condition in which one feels the compulsion of pulling off their eyelashes (and other body hairs). Thyroid problems, whether caused by an underactive or an overactive thyroid, can lead to the eyelashes falling out. The same goes in the situation in which a person suffers from alopecia areata, an autoimmune condition in which the immune system attacks the hair follicles (eyelashes included).
The health of the eyelashes can be affected by the prolonged usage of low-quality/expired makeup products. Dermatological conditions, such as atopic dermatitis or psoriasis can cause the eyelashes to fall off as well. Other causes that can lead to these problems include eyelid inflammation (blepharitis), chemotherapy treatments (for cancer) and medication (side-effect). The eyelashes also fall off in women who have entered menopause, in pregnant women (hormonal changes) and also as a direct result of trauma.
The good news is that you can stimulate the growth of the eyelashes after they have fallen off. You can start by reducing the amount of makeup that you apply around your eyes; mascara included. You should also throw away any old or expired makeup, so as to eliminate the chances of a new allergic reaction. If you apply makeup, make sure that you wash it off before going to bed. The more time the composition stands on the skin, the higher the chances of the eyelashes being affected.
To promote the growth of your eyelashes, you have to wash your face on a regularly. In this way, you can prevent the bacterial overgrowth in the area, reducing the chances of new infections. Antibacterial soap is highly recommended, followed by the application of the best moisturizer (to prevent the small cracks at the level of the skin that can favor infections).
You might not believe it, but a healthy diet can stimulate your eyelashes to grow back. You should include foods that are rich in vitamin D and vitamin A, as these are necessary for strong and healthy eyelashes. Your diet should also include proteins as these can guarantee the growth of big eyelashes. Among the foods that are recommended to be included in the diet for such purposes, there are whole grain cereals, milk, fresh vegetables (carrots, kale), fish (tuna, salmon, cod) and nuts (almonds, cashews, etc.).
Psychological counseling can be helpful in the situation that you feel a compulsive need to pull out your eyelashes. The first step is admitting that you have a problem and getting the necessary help. The psychologist can help you get to the root of the problem, offering solutions on how to replace this behavior with normal activities.
The application of natural remedies, such as olive oil, Aloe Vera or jojoba oil is also recommended for such problems. The great thing is that, unlike medication, these substances have only beneficial properties (no side-effects). Their application is indicated to be performed on a daily basis, with the help of an old mascara stick or a cotton swab. By using these natural remedies, you will stimulate the growth of your eyelashes in a natural manner, without worrying about potential complications.
In the situation that you are still not satisfied with the rate at which your eyelashes are growing, you can consider using an eyelash growth serum. This can be used to stimulate the growth of the eyelashes, improving their overall health as well. These products contain natural ingredients as well, so you do not have to worry about not being safe. These are the basic ways you can stimulate the growth of your eyelashes after they have fallen off.

10 Effective Natural Remedies That Will Ease The Heartburn

By On April 13, 2017
You are nauseous, uneasy, you feel very uncomfortable and your stomach is on fire. Well, we have 10 amazing natural remedies that will help you with your heartburn.

10 Home Remedies for Heartburn

Chewing Gum
If you have a heartburn, you can chew a gum, especially spearmint, mint or peppermint flavored. It can increase the production of saliva that will reduce the discomfort of the heartburn and soothe the inflamed oesophagus.
Baking Soda
Mix 1/2 or 1 spoon of baking soda in one glass of water in order to relieve the burning sensation that is caused by the heartburn. But, because the baking soda has a high amount of salt, we don’t recommend you to use this remedy very often.
Aloe Vera Juice
If you are prone to heartburn, it is recommended to consume 1/2 a cup of aloe vera juice, 30 minutes before the meals. Also, you can consume this drink like a precautionary measure if you are aware that you are going to eat a lot. This juice will reduce the inflammation in the stomach and oesophagus.
Lemon Juice and Water
You can take a cup of warm water mixed with lemon juice on an empty stomach in the morning. This drink will reduce the symptoms of heartburn and will beat fatigue. If you consume this powerful drink every morning, you will prevent the heartburn.
Apple Cider Vinegar
Mix 1 to 2 spoons of the apple cider vinegar with honey and drink this potion every day in order to reduce the heartburn.
Mint Tea
We recommend you to always have one package of mint tea because this tea can ease the discomfort and reduce the symptoms of the heartburn. You can drink this tea cold or hot. Enjoy its benefits.
The almonds are rich in oil content and this oil can help to neutralize the overactive acids in your stomach during the heartburn. So, if you have a heartburn, eat a handful of these powerful nuts.
Cabbage or apple
If you consume these ingredients even in small portions, you will neutralize the stomach acids and you will get a relief from the acid reflux. If you have a heartburn, eat these ingredients.
Do you have a heartburn and you want to ease it just with natural ingredients? Well, you should eat a banana that is a natural antacid.
Chilled Buttermilk
There is a doubt about whether the normal buttermilk is efficiently like the chilled buttermilk to heal the heartburn. We think that the chilled buttermilk is able to work twice as fast and also it is more delicious.
We recommend you not to use any of these remedies for a long time. If the heartburn is a constant problem, you should consult your doctor if there is a serious underlying cause.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Late Night Studying and Eating Tips

By On April 08, 2017
No one wants to put on the Freshman Fifteen and no one wants to pull all-nighters studying, but, unfortunately, these two things go hand-in-hand in college. Late night studying lends itself to unhealthy options from vending machines, pizza delivery, and the buffet at the dining hall. Not a good combo.
The unhealthy temptations continue into the next day too; when you’re exhausted from staying up, your body will crave carbohydrates to help you sleep. But you can do something about this.
Check out our list of 11 tips for healthier eating while staying up late to study. It was put together by SUNY at Buffalo for its students, and it’s great improvement over ice cream, pizza, and most of the options in the dining hall. And if you need more help studying, be sure to check out healthpedia4all’s collection of smart, mobile flashcard decks optimized to help you learn dozens of subjects, from languages to sciences and more!

Late Night Studying and Eating Tips

  1. Don’t keep “junk food” around. Chips, dips and candy don’t just “appear” magically in your food cupboard. One reason you snack on junk is because you made the choice to buy it and bring it home! Change your environment, change what you eat.
  2. Choose smart snacks. If you’re hungry, eat. But especially if it’s late at night, you’ll quickly add calories if you’re choosing candy, ice cream, wings, chicken finger subs, etc. Keep plenty of healthier, lower calorie foods around for when you’re a little hungry (fruit, cereal, whole grain crackers, low fat cheese, yogurt, soup, etc.)
  3. Get physical during study breaks – physical activity, even a short 5 minute walk, can increase oxygen to your brain, get your blood flowing again, and help you refocus on studying. Don’t eat food to stay awake.
  4. Take snack breaks rather than eat continuously. Everyone is different, but for grazers, it’s easy to eat a lot more calories than you’re aware of because you’re focusing more on the mental challenge and the words on the page, rather than sensing if you’re still hungry or tasting the food. Eating mindfully without distraction may make you feel more satisfied.
  5. Portion snacks and meals – if you grab from the bag, the bag may be empty before you realize it. Serve snacks in a bowl or on a plate and put them away. A very large meal, more than 400 or 500 calories, will likely interfere with your studying by pulling blood to your stomach rather than your brain.
  6. Protein foods may help you stay alert. Eating a meal high in protein may help you feel more alert and motivated. Examples of high protein foods: lean meat, beans, lentils, low fat dairy, soy foods, high-protein snack bars, nuts (~2-4 Tbs). Excess carbohydrates may help us relax and feel sleepy.
  7. Include fluid, and be aware of the calories. Not only will you stay hydrated, you’ll get a movement break by visiting the restroom. Sometimes we reach for food when we’re thirsty. If you’re dehydrated, you may find yourself prone to crave grapes or other watery foods. Make sure you get a minimum of 2 quarts a day, more if you’re active or in hot weather. Avoid excess caffeine (>2 cups) as it may affect the quality of your sleep.
  8. Avoid eating right before bedtime. Try to have your last snack at least 2 hours before going to bed. A large snack or meal right before sleep means your body is working on digesting that meal during the night, rather than resting and repairing other tissues. This interferes with the quality of your sleep and you may wake feeling tired. It’s also unlikely you need that energy at that time of the night, and usually our choices are sloppier when we’re tired, both of which may contribute to weight gain.
  9. Hot foods, hot liquids – hot foods tend to make us feel more satisfied, and steaming hot foods are hard to eat quickly. Try bringing instant soup or instant oatmeal with you. Know where the microwaves are on campus to heat up a quick snack or meal.
  10. Limit sedentary time. Any form of exercise while you watch tv can help add activity to your day when you’re short on time, but may also keep you from snacking, as the TV easily lures us to eat with constant food commercials. If you watch TV for several hours a day because you’re bored, consider adding some other activities to your night life.


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